Keywordsfridge magnetic letters spelling out keywords to be used for search engine optimisation

Keywords on any website is the driving force behind all good SEO, due to search engines basing results on keywords generated by those searches. Be sure to list those keywords in places that matter, the title tags, give them heading tags to make them stand out for spiders, alt tags and hyperlinks, and so much more.

Keywords are the tools you should be giving a lot of thought to, as to the order that potential clients would be typing into search engines to try and find your websites products or services. Be careful how to describe the product or service that you are trying to get noticed, as how you may describe it, may not be how the potential client would search for it.

Your Ultimate aim is to create unique web pages across the site, that clearly have those keywords in mind when potential clients search for those words.

Using keywords every second or third word is a practice frowned upon by search engines, also known as keyword stuffing, can result in poor content for the web pages and could even result in penalisation by search engine providers.