On Page Optimisation

In SEO, on-page optimisation is a term relating to several factors that combine to give an overall effectred felt tip circling the word optimisation on a sheet titled seo, showing the importance of optimisation upon a website that then helps in developing organic search results. These controlling factors are generated by you or by HTML contained in the pages, others include metadata,H1, H2 or anyother tags used with fonts, keywords used, and how often the keywords are used.

Off Page Optimisation

As well as on-page, there is also off-page optimisation, this relates to external factors that you have noimage of blackboard with demonstration of off page optimisation drawn onto it control over. Such as page rankings, and links back to the website. Another way to increase optimisation maybe through social networking, or even blogging, all these combined can give great off-page optimisation. seo company australia