Webpage Index



Indexing of webpages is vital if spiders are going to index that page, but not everything can appear ina rolodex demonstrating to index your web pages HTML text format, hence some things on the site will not appear in the indexing. These are images, audio, spreadsheets, etc, and require further tampering with. Ensure they are not blocked by the robot.txt file. http://www.seoglobalpro.com/seo/webpageinde/ http://www.seoglobalpro.com/seo/webpageinde/Also, use descriptive names on images, rather than the generated file numbers given.

Using the ALT attribute to further increases visibility of the site, using the head tags can help as well. Search boxes can bu replaced with navigational and crawlable links. Java or Flash plug ins content can also be replaced with text on the site or page, and video & audio content be supplied with transcripts if the dialogue is to be used for indexing bt search engines.